• Acrylic Sail- Eyelet

Acrylic Sail- Eyelet.  Exact same shape, front and back.

This is an important new for sail-eyelet with the front and the back made out of recyclabe acrylic material, fitted with a steel die.

The added value of theese products is the possibility to realize them in mother of pearl, horn, turtle and other effects.

Also plain effects are realized with paste materials (it means they are not made of painted brass like the ones used until now) that ensure a total resistance to abrasion.

The fitting is really easy, pre-drilling on the fabric and the subsequent application with the steel die.

  • Cord stopper
  • Acrylic Earring

Acrylic Bag


Using different processing technologies such as laser-cut, milling and turning combined with a lot of artisanal experience, we can create complex objects like the bag in the photo ( realized for an important Made In Italy Brand).

Contact us to be able to realize your best projects.

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